Sunday, September 27, 2009

THING #9 (Week 4)

I added 3 new feeds to my Bloglines page: a New York Times feed featuring articles about libraries and librarians, a Library Journal feed about library management, and comments on the "Speak Quietly" blog about libraries featured on Blogspot. I searched for these using Bloglines, because it was the most convenient to find and then add. I tried using Syndic8, but I thought it was awkward. Feedster doesn't seem to exist anymore. was an interesting discovery. It was a little confusing...I didn't see where you could add actual feeds to something like Bloglines. However, it's a really interesting site because you get feeds pertaining to local issues that local people comment on...and comment they do, oh my! I hope I am never featured in an article posted to Topix any time soon.

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