Thursday, September 10, 2009

THING #3 (Week 2)

Creating this blog wasn't hard at all, thanks to the specific directions in Classroom Learning. You can really spend a lot of time messing with the layout and choosing an avatar. It's amazing how professional you can make it look even without graphic design skills. However, I am having trouble viewing my avatar...I exported it from Yahoo! and I saw it once but now it won't show up.

I know some English teachers who have used blogs in classroom assignments and the kids really seem to take to it. I would like to try it in some aspect in the library. I think a blog is a great way for the kids who otherwise wouldn't particpate. For instance, in school I never raised my hand or spoke up in discussion because I was extremely shy and socially anxious. Something like this would give a student sufficient anonymity and time to really think about his or her contributions, and hopefully feel less self-conscious as a result.

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  1. yes, having alternative ways to express yourself (visual or text) is important for kids/learning.