Sunday, September 27, 2009

THING #7 (Week 3)

It is actually Week 4, but I mistakenly thought this post was to be for this week. Oops. Anyway, I think I will talk about things like cell phones and Facebook.

I am always slow to tumble to new things because I am just naturally suspicious about anything that bucks tradition. I first got a cell phone because I went away to college and it was a 4 hour drive. I rarely used it because I did not not want to be one of those people walking around with a cell phone glued to their ear. I did not like to text message because I did not want to be one of those people staring at their phone, their fingers flying, oblivious to their surroundings. I did not want to sign up for Facebook because I didn't want to be one of those people who display their personal lives for all to see and add people that they barely know as friends.

Needless to say...I am one of those people! My point is that I think preconceived notions about technology contribute a lot to digital illiteracy. My 67-year-old father won't touch a computer because he simply assumes that it can contribute nothing to his life. I think many of us believe that by clinging to tradition we will stop the world from changing so bewilderingly. Maybe he's right...but I daresay if he learned to browse the Web he would find something to pique his interest.

I'll be damned, though, if I ever become one of those people who use Twitter!


  1. I thoroughly enjoyed this post, not only in its humor, but insight as well. I am "one of those people" as well who loves technology but fights the urge to have it "control me." I fought off text messaging and lost. (I used to say that there was no need for it. Now I rarely ever dial.) I am fearful of a Facebook page because I am afraid it will consume my freetime! As my family and friends were "picked off" one-by-one as they subscribed, I have no idea why I just don't as well. At least, then, I would know what they were talking about!

  2. It is so nice to know others don't want technology to "own" them. I've told my children that the reason I didn't have my phone on is I don't want to be bothered when I exercise! However, my husband told me last week that he thought I had crossed over to "Techno Nerd". Me? Gee I kind of take that as a compliment although I know that's not how he meant it!