Friday, November 13, 2009

THING #23 (Week 9)

My apologies, I thought the last thing was Week 10, so I am posting late.

I think my very favorite discovery was LibraryThing. It is probably not the most useful Web tool, but it is a lot of fun. One thing I've taken away from this experience is the realization that learning will not stop once I've earned my degree, and that it cannot stop if I am to be successful in this profession. It is necessary to continue to absorb all you can about the ever-changing Web environment.

It was surprising to learn that sites you usually associate with personal enjoyment, like Facebook or Flickr, can actually be used to good purpose in an educational setting. I would absolutely participate in another online learning system because it was PRACTICAL. Practical is the one word I've used to sum up this experience because it seems so often in college you learn things that you can't really figure out how to apply in real-life situations--but this wasn't the case here.

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