Thursday, November 5, 2009

THING #20 (Week 9)

I have posted a YouTube video on my sidebar which I think is appropriate and humorous, and should bring back good memories for many of us! I changed my template to try to give some width to the sidebar, because as you can see many of the things I have embedded have been cut off. This new template helps only a little. Does anyone know of any way to resize the page elements?

I can understand why YouTube is blocked in many schools because it is quite easy to come across things that are inappropriate. I like the rating system; I think it is a pretty accurate way to quickly judge which clips are worth your while.

I think an orientation video on a library website would be helpful, especially for a large public library. Many people are apprehensive about going to new places unless they know where they're going--they don't want to look foolish. A video clip to show them around the library first might help actually get them there. A library could also add clips to promote upcoming events, such as a book talk or book signing.


  1. I just was reading through blog updates of those I follow. I can't believe we posted the same You Tube clip!!! What inspired you? Google has had Sesame Street characters in the search picture this week. Cookie Monster was the character of the day when I was doing my You Tube activity for 23 Things. Is that what made you think of this also?

  2. both vidcasts and video in general are good orientations -- I did them in the early 90s and got $3million (dying gesture from an alumna) for the library